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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2012   Nov 24   Claimed Score

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Call: K5GO
Station: K5GO/N5DX

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 47
Location: USA

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Total:4312194718Total Score11,068,032


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2012-11-26 21:36:31
We had an interesting weekend - one that will not be remembered for how well we did or didn't do but for good friends who came to operate and the events that took place during the contest. We hoped that the propagation predictions would be wrong and were happy that at least we had good conditions for half the contest. Friday night and Saturday were not good but Saturday night and Sunday were much better. These were the top two "events": In the wee hours of the morning the first night, N5DX went outside the house and heard the prop pitch motor running on the 20m rotating antenna. A relay had frozen in the closed position the last time it was rotated, and we had no idea how long the thing was spinning around. Wouldn't matter whether 15 minutes or two hours, the result would be the same. A couple of trips up the tower during the daylight on Saturday (one to replace the coax and the other to fix the indicator) took care of the problem and all was well. The weather was nice and the wind was calm, so other than being pretty tired from having been awake for about 30 hours it was not a big deal. Sunday we were enjoying the improved conditions, doing well with W0UA on 10m, working multipliers on 20 and 15, and the mains power went off. OMG, WTF, can you believe this happened, etc. Come to find out, there were about 400 customers affected, and I am quite sure the very first report came from us. It is life or death...We have to have power, etc. Having no idea when it might come back on, we cut some wire hooked it up with jumper cables to my truck battery, ran it through the window and were on the air in 30 minutes in the low power "1B" category using a K3. I sat down and operated longer than at any other time in the contest to stay focused on something I had control over instead of pacing the floor and worrying about something over which I had no control. KM5PS was kind enough to go home and bring back a 5KW generator and we got an amplifier, rotators and antenna switches running about 2 hours into the 3+ hours the power was off. For about two hours we hand keyed and paper logged a hundred contacts or so. It is a mystery how 35 years ago in these contests we managed to hand key and paper log thousands of contacts for 48 hours. I found that I don't miss those days too much. In the end our problems had a relatively minor effect and would not change whatever position we have in the standings. Despite the problems, we had a good time, worked some juicy multipliers and will do it again next year. My favorite moment was prediting that if we turned the 40m antenna to the Southwest at sunrise VU2JOS would call us. I had worked him a few days before and we needed it for a double multiplier. W0UA was operating, I was listening on the second radio and voila, there he was - calling to give us the 39th zone after the antenna was turned. Thanks to all who came to operate, especially W0UA and K9BGL who drove many, many hours to get here. W0UA told a story (he has a bunch of stories) including a quote that he remembered from someone who said.... "Enjoy what you have. Do what you can." In retrospect, I think that is exactly what we did. Congratulations to all who were also able to enjoy what you had and do what you could. Next year I am really hoping to have one more rotator control box in the shack... Happy Holidays to everyone. 73...Stan, K5GO Equipment: K3 x 2 TS-590S x 2 AL-1500 x 3 AL-1200 X 1 3-1000 x 1 Antennas: 160m. - Shunt fed tower 80m - 4 Square 40m - 5 element Yagi, 90 foot boom - 135 feet 20m - 6 element Yagi, 65 foot boom - 70 feet + 8/8, 114 foot booms - 146//73 feet fixed on Europe + 4L SE 15m - 7 element Yagi, 56 foot boom - 90 feet + 10 element Yagi, 108 foot boom - 60 feet fixed on Europe + 6 element Yagi, 48 foot boom fixed (NW) 10m - 6 element Yagi, 38 foot boom - 80 feet + 6/6, 36 foot booms fixed NE