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North American QSO Party, CW   2017   August   Claimed Score

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Call: VE7FO
Operator(s): VA7NF VE7FO
Station: VE7FO

Class: M/2 LP
QTH: Vancouver
Operating Time (hrs): 7
Location: Canada

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Total:22683Total Score18,758


Club: Orca DX and Contest Club


Comments:     [email]     2017-08-06 17:15:08
Because of my wife's health problems I haven't been doing much contesting for some time. I'm on my own now so have a lot more time for serious contesting. I've decided to upgrade my station to permit SO2R, M/2 and M/M operation. The process has started and now have QRO triplexer and BP filters to allow sharing tribander between op positions. Don't have room for an antenna farm on my 33 x 120 ft city lot. Quite a lot has changed while I haven't been paying attention so I'm going to put a bunch of time into studying N1MM+ and K3/P3 manuals for things I can do to improve my op abilities. For the next while I'll be practising these things in the various contests without worrying about maximizing scores (at least, not yet). I have a couple of friends who op from here. They too will be practising these various techniques. The current push is to gain competence with SO2V so that, when the station is ready, it hopefully won't be too much of a jump to SO2R. So, we turned on SO2V for this NAQP CW and had at it. Well, didn't take too long to figure out that if you've got any kind of a run going at all SO2V isn't practical, at least not at our level of competence. However, conditions on 40 were really great for trying this as responses to CQs were far enough apart that it was easy to switch to the other Rx, work someone you had already previously lined up, and get back to CQing without losing your run frequency. Of course, it wasn't all smooth and we apologize to all those we CQ'd on top of immediately after working them. N1MM stats show 48 2nd radio Qs. While that sounds pretty good it doesn't account for all the Qs we could have made running instead of fiddling with the 2nd Rx. So, we can make SO2V work but probably will need more practice to make it worthwhile. We only used 20 and 40. 40 was pretty good. I had a nice run of 71 in just over an hour. Thanks for your patience when QSB got us 73, Jim VE7FO