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New England QSO Party   2017   May 6   Claimed Score

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Call: NZ1U
Operator(s): N1WK W1UJ
Station: NZ1U/M

Class: M/S Mobile HP
QTH: 35 Counties
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW-Dig QsPh Qs
Total:8924Mults64Total Score114,432


Club: The Barnstormers Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-09 18:46:26
What a super fun radio weekend in the great (still showing some) white North! Thanks to K1KI for organizing another FB NEQP contest weekend. Congrats to the top notch NEQP/m effort of the WA1Z team. We had very low amount of time for implementation, or what we did have for time may not have been used correctly.. The 'Contest Caddy' used for 2012, 14, 15, and 16's NEQP MultiOp Mobile efforts was going to take a break this year in favor of the brand-new 2017 Chevy Equinox SUV, or, the Blue-Ox. Our 5th year, cool! A Class 2 trailer hitch was procured and installed as the primary antenna mount along with a Harbor-Freight 500# steel Hitch mounted luggage rack. Using the luggage rack to mount both the Hustler mast/resonator and the Hi-Sierra motor-tuned antenna. Right in the middle was an official WRTC-2014 Honda 2KW Generator used by a top 10 team! ;) Sooooo... we tried High Power. Using a Tokyo Hy-Power SS KW amplifier and having the Hustler 'Super' resonators picked up recently we hit the road.... One would think that tons of time is necessary to engineer an effort like QRO mobile radio contest operating, but you may be mistaken! We tested the antennas around 17Z, or ~3 hours before the start! But the road plan had us -way- North for the start and much ground to cover. We hit the road. It worked! It was not trouble free. (SHOCKER!) The biggest issue was that the operator could not touch the 'touch pad' mouse on the laptop while transmitting or the laptop would lose comms and CW to the K3.. Also, the sent CW must have sounded horrible as we could not get the CW weight to work through the serial port CW on the K3 it was with HP or LP didn't make a difference- sending a bit slower helped. The amp was not used much, if there was a 5-cq or so lull, turn drive down to 20w and throw amp in. It would run about 400w with comfort, until nearing the end and we activated SuffolkMA, we were @900w comfortably. That generator was working vy hard! Called CQ on SSB even 1 answer..... Everything held quite nicely. (DO NOT touch that mouse pad!) Used N1MM+ Logger to send CW through the USB serial port- this was only on Saturday, on Sunday, the decision was made to introduce a WinKeyer which was a good move. Still cannot touch the mouse-pad when TX'n or the Rig and the Winkeyer would drop.... One of the goals was to be home Saturday night. The hub of the barnstormers is NE CT and we wanted to operate North... starting and ending in the well-covered WORMA. Another goal was to cover the 'least covered' counties of 2016. The missed/forgotten factor was that Team WA1Z wasn't there in '16, and their counties were open in 2016, but they are back in it for '17. On Saturday night after many requests for SUFMA we knew there was coverage in the north ME counties and we were heading to SUFMA since it seems there may have not been activity there with many asking about it again on Sunday morning. N1WK = "It's not the (Contest) Caddy" in reference to the Blue Ox. Trade offs for superior luxury, powerful engine... etc... etc... is good gas mileage and lots of cabin room.... The Caddy will likely be re-commissioned in future efforts! Just need a trailer hitch. It seems that a couple-hundred horsepower and luxury seats and operating position is worth the ~5 MPG sacrifice.... For Saturday the goal was to catch COONH FRAVT GRAVT. GRAVT is way up there, and we went to the top NW corner of it and headed South right through GRAVT and making it through while it was still daylight out. GRANH 9 COONH 10 ESSVT 15 CALVT 14 ORLVT 14 LAMVT 19 FRAVT 63 GRAVT 54 CHIVT 34 WASVT 16 ORAVT 18 WNDVT 25 SULNH 10 CHENH 5 WNHVT 14 FRAMA 11 HMPMA 1 QSO :( HMDMA 20 WORMA 145 Sunday was the same we looked at least covered counties, but changed things a bit to cover the requested SUFMA WORMA- 145 MIDMA 36 ESSMA 37 ROCNH 32 HILNH 8 MERNH 22 BELNH 10 STRNH 27 CARNH 27 OXFME 9 YORME 29 CUMME 31 ANDME 13 KENME 17 LINME 19 SAGME 15 CUMME- 31 YORME- 29 ROCNH- 32 ESSMA- 37 SUFMA 67 MIDMA 36 WORMA- 145 Another learning experience and many mental notes that are likely to be forgotten next year, but we look forward to it and it is a considerable amount of fun. More band changes.. Tightening up complete antenna/coax systems... etc... the normal things... same as last year.... Rock star award to N1WK for powering through with the driving getting us home safely. Saturday 707 miles Sunday 509 miles Average speed 54.3 MPH 34.0 MPG Best 50 mile run Average fuel economy 26.6 MPG Thanks to The Barnstormer fixed team of NB1U and NR1X, while putting in their own significant NEQP efforts and tracking the NZ1U/m team and notifying the masses where we were. Also to the Cap'n KB1H(sk) for getting us all together. Thanks to all of the 'Regulars' that follow the /m's through the counties, you guys make it worth it for everyone. A few pics and vids here; 73 The Barnstormers