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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2010   Mar 6   Claimed Score

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Call: 4U1ITU
Operator(s): K3ODY KB3SPI KE3X
Station: 4U1ITU

Class: M/S LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8
Location: Southern Europe

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Total:10044Total Score13,200


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2010-03-07 10:32:41
We returned from a week of vacation in Barcelona and only returned to Geneva at 9PM on Saturday night, so my original plan to enter single-op was toast. So instead, I used this contest as an opportunity to show two of my sons how a major SSB contest worked - Kody (14, K3ODY) and Aidan (11, KB3SPI). They had both gotten their licenses last year, but had not shown much interest in on-air operating since. We spent 99% of our time listening and S&P'ing. However we had terrible problems on 20M with RFI and feedback in our audio circuits and many stations we worked told us we were basically unintelligible. Also we were only able to make 1 QSO on 80-meters (K3LR) and only a handful on 40-meters. This location does not play well on 40M and 80M to the US, expecially when running only 100W. But the highlight was a quick run of 30 stations in 9-minutes from 1731-1739Z at Geneva sunset hour on Sunday on 21.400 - absolutely magical and made all the earlier frustrations worthwhile. Kody's conclusion: he thought this was basically 'a lot of yelling' and told me he had more fun at the High Speed Telegraphy championships last year in Bulgaria. I guess a DVK would have helped - need to get one for next year. Actually Kody thought the idea of a '100% digital' voice contest (with pre-recorded WAV files) would have been the coolest solution, and would have saved our voices. I guess it's a generational thing - I actually had fun handing out the '4U1' multiplier to many of the people whose callsigns I recognized. Maybe I'll try the NCCC sprints next, and see if that's a bigger hit with the boys. Thanks for all the QSOs, and see you in the next one. Ken KE3X