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North American QSO Party, RTTY   2017   July   Claimed Score

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Call: WQ6X
Operator(s): WQ6X
Station: NX6T

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Fallbrook, Ca
Operating Time (hrs): 9.3
Location: USA
Remote operation

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Total:391101Total Score39,491


Club: Southern California Contest Club

Team: SCCC #1

Comments:     [email]     2017-07-16 18:02:19
This was another last minute WQ6X remote operation from NX6T ("NashVille") in Fallbrook, Ca. from a "Secret" location in the SF bay area. My original idea was to work the DMC RTTY contest leading up to the NAQP RTTY GiG and then finish the DMC GiG after NAQP. The 1st objective was clearly met. However after the NAQP RTTY GiG I was so exhausted I just went to bed. WQ6X ran a K3-radio at 4-watts in order to drive an ACOM-2000a amplifier to a perfect 100 watt level (qualifying as an LP operation) into a C-31 Yagi for 20, a 2-element yagi for 40 and a droopy Inverted Vee for 80. Similar to the DMC Gig, 20 meters was THE band for this NAQP operation, with EXCELLENT band conditions, with 40-meters almost as good. For me, the most difficult part of single-OP NAQP is deciding which 2 hour segment to sacrifice. Unlike previous NAQP GiGs, I decided to gopherit right from the 18:00z start. That turned out to be a good choice as a computer failure occurred at 23:45z. I wasn't back on the air on 01:35 on 40-meters. Unfortunately, I missed out on whatever opening existed on 15-meters. To make listening easier I ran the laptop audio through a classic Autek Research QF-1A audio filter. This was WAY MORE effective than the DSP-NR circuits in the K3. As I was running remote, I found it easier to RUN frequencies than S&P (no use of spotting assistance is allowed in NAQP). Because I have yet to figure out how to invoke the radio's R.I.T. function remotely I used SPLIT mode and tuned VFO-A for stations that were way off frequency; which turned out to be RARE for this contest event. Band conditions were quite good with VERY LOW A&K Indices, altho I noticed a rapid signal flutter on many 40-meter signals which would DIP the signal below the MMTY demodulation capability. This is yet ANOTHER REASON to ONLY repeat information asked for, not the ENTIRE exchange. Luckily, the CME which took out the entire HF spectrum was not encountered until well AFTER contest end. Usually CME's blast us on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Luckily the NAQP Gawds saved us here. You can read the write up on this event at WQ6X.Blogspot.Com Ron WQ6X