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ARRL June VHF Contest   2017   Jun 10   Claimed Score

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Call: K7DR
Operator(s): K7DR
Station: K7DR

Class: SO 3Band LP
Operating Time (hrs):

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Total:4830Total Score1,440


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-06-11 21:16:41
FTdx3000 6M 100w - 3 el M2 at 12 feet FT100 2M 50w - 6el M2 at 14 feet Grid EN82ln (Metro Detroit) Both yagis were mounted on a 15 ft tripod sitting in my backyard. Contest was both fun and frustrating. Six was open near the start but the main Es cloud was overhead, so 6 was pretty quiet for a while as signals were whizzing by overhead. Cloud finally formed to the south and then had a pipeline to FL peninsula, and that was it. Heard nothing on Es but FL for couple hours. Probably would have worked plenty of grids around FL if there were any boats in the Gulf or the Atlantic on six. Sunday started the same way, plenty of FL, but the Es cloud slowly moved north and started working GA, SC and NC near the coast. Again since I was just hearing up the Atlantic coast, I'm sure plenty of signal was going into a few hundred miles of the Atlantic, with no one to hear it, Got a little taste of 5's and 0's right at the end. The last hour I set up my old FT100 mobile on 2M on the back patio, (so I could keep getting up to turn the yagi) Surprised to work into WI, IL, OH and PA, with just fifty watts at 12 feet. I tried to catch K2LIM in NY right at the close but he couldn't pull me thru. 73 Dave - K7DR EN82