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ARRL June VHF Contest   2017   Jun 10   Claimed Score

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Call: K8WTF/R
Operator(s): K8WTF
Station: K8WTF/R

Class: Limited Rover LP
Operating Time (hrs):

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Total:8443Total Score3,612


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-06-15 06:39:29
Conditions were pretty lackluster for me until Sunday evening. Spent a lot of time calling CQ on 2 meters and working local contacts. Had some occasional tropo to the west and northeast and worked some new-to-me grids on 2m. I did experiment a bit with MSK144 Saturday night and made a ~250 mile 2m contact to the east and an ~850mi 6m contact to the west - quite impressive I think with a very limited antenna configuration, no QRO, and somewhat poor conditions. Things finally opened up on 6m Sunday evening just a few hours before the end of the contest. I was able to work quite a few stations via the S&P method before the pileups became un-bustable. Unfortunately I had poor luck trying to run a frequency myself. I spent far too much time driving through EN80 on Sunday afternoon looking for good spots, and a bit too much time operating from a not-so-great location. After giving up and moving further west, I found a nice hill that I was able to make a few 2m contacts from. I didn't bother putting up the 6m loop and possibly missed the beginning of the opening as a result. After just a few minutes a friendly Amish man rode up on a bicycle. His family owns the land and he was very curious about my contraption - he was not familiar with ham radio, much less VHF contesting. He did welcome me back in the future, and I've added it to my growing list of rover spots.