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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2017   1900Z Aug 9   Claimed Score

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Call: NN5O
Operator(s): NN5O
Station: NN5O

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Tupelo, MS
Operating Time (hrs): :56
Location: USA

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Total:84Mults76Total Score6,384


Club: Deep Dixie Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-08-09 13:07:32
Loads of fun on 3 bands today. Signals quite weak here on 15m, despite what I saw on RBN leading up to 1900z. Thanks for the 2 Qs, though, on that band. 20m was good here. But, as time wore on, the QSB became very fast. Signals would sound like they were 30 dB over S9 when the station would first call, then by the tie the exchange ended, they would be in the mud...and vice-versa. Must be on my end, though. Surely, the band condx couldn't change that rapidly. Ran out of time gleaning all the Qs on 40, but thanks to each one. Huge thanks to good EU stations: I5EFO, F4FQY,G4NVR, G3XLG, S57KM, and one more I just could not pull out. Very sorry. TTFN (as Tigger would say) until 0300z! 73, --Dr. Larry S. Anderson, NN5O #1327 Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis) Rig: Ten-Tec Orion 565AT ~100w into 400 foot horizontal loop up 40 feet