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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2017   1900Z Dec 6   Claimed Score

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Call: WN4AFP
Operator(s): WN4AFP
Station: WN4AFP

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 45mins
Location: USA

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Total:46Mults46Total Score2,116


Club: Swamp Fox Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2017-12-07 00:37:29
Thanks for the Q's on 40m!!!! NW2K,N4AF,K1ESE,K4FXN,N8BJQ,KE8G,K8JQ,AA3B,W8CAR,KM4FO,NS8O,W8DN,K3DMG,N4ASF,WJ8Y,K3UA,K3MD,K3SEN,N1DC,N4ZZ,W9CC,N7WY,N2UU,K4HQK,NA8V,VE3KP,K7SV,N4IQ,N3RD,K9CT,N1LN,VA3SB,K9MA,NQ6N,N3CW,N5AW,K4RUM,W1UJ,N3JT,N2WK,K5AX,CG3KI,KJ9C,WN7S,K0AD and F6HKA. I was amazed to work Bert at 2:45 pm on 40m. I would like to apologize for my sending errors today and I have a reason for it. I was sending at 35 wpm with my paddle/keyer while standing. My wonderful cat "Snowflake" decided that it was time for his afternoon nap and his favorite location is my shack chair. Yes, I let him sleep while I did the CWT while standing. Like many of you, I usually have my arm resting on my desk. I kept pushing my paddle all over the desk. Sorry for the errors, but I still had fun. 73s Dave WN4AFP 1208