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Florida QSO Party   2017   Apr 29   Claimed Score

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Call: N1CC
Operator(s): N1CC
Station: N1CC

Class: SOAB(A)Mixed LP
QTH: Texas
Operating Time (hrs): 13
Location: Out of State/Province

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BandCW QsPh Qs
Total:180270CW Mults60Ph Mults52Total Score141,120


Club: North Texas Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-04-30 15:24:54
Elecraft K3 @ 100W, F-112 C3 @64', EW 80/40 Fan Dipole @50'. WriteLog V12.13B. Manually rescored the Cabrillo file, as once again, WriteLog not current in the point calculation. Had to update Cabrillo and 3830 because I forgot the LP multiplier. Used RBN, PacketCluster, VOACAP for assistance. No self spotting: N1CC was spotted six times while running by KM4SII, W4EE (2X), WB2BTJ, KC3D, and VE9AA, none of whom are members of any clubs I belong to, are not local, and although they may know of me they are not close associates. So all spotting was volunteered by the spotter without my knowledge. This was an extremely complex weekend. Normally, if there has been a disaster requiring Ham Radio support I willingly take part in that. However, I am currently not able to walk without a walker while a back problem is being treated and I would not be of value at a disaster site. That being said, some of my Ham Radio friends have been impacted by the 3 tornadoes on Saturday, all are reporting they are OK but don't have power, and from the looks of the high tension power network - ALL Power Towers are pretty mangled along a 62 mile route, they won't have power for days to weeks. On Saturday I had a late start because at first the Storm Centers were over my location with heavy lighting and winds, then my operation began and suffered from severe noise on all bands, and made 40M virtually a wasteland on Saturday. The noise hung around Sunday morning with localized severe weather at my station until 2-hours after the start of the FLQP. Nonetheless, this was a unusually good year for the contest - even with time available reductions, and only had a shortfall in CW stations to contact. Comparing he number of contacts made, 450 this year to last years 437 contacts and last years 113 county-multipliers to this years 112, there wasn't much difference. Overall score reduction to 71,560 from 151,194 is fully due to the lower number of CW contacts. I have made a "combined" 67-county sweep in 2014, 15, and 16 with only one 67 county sweep on cw in 2014. I did make a combined sweep again this year. That's a fun statistic. All band contacts were UP for total contacts, with only the 20M CW being a lower number. This was a hard-work contest, and a lot of fun. Much thanks to KN4Y for LIB as the last county at 1918Z on Sunday and for all of the fine mobile work by K4FCG, KN4Y, K4OJ, K9DY, NO5W, W4AN, AD4ES, and K8MR - and others I don't recall at the time of writing this summary. Twenty-five folks outside of FL called me when I was calling "CQ Florida Only" and 18 of these were Extra Class - a failure of Elmer's to teach them the use of the English Language to not call during directed CQ calls. 18 other FL stations tried to dupe me - not a bad percentage. I did "Run" over 80% of the time, popping in and out to work "New Ones" and right back into the run, only 1 rig in use and managing to hold my run frequency in a gentleman manner.