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ARRL 10-Meter Contest   2011   Dec 10   Claimed Score

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Call: CE1/K7CA
Operator(s): CE1/K7CA
Station: CE1/K7CA

Class: SO CW HP
QTH: Huasco
Operating Time (hrs): 32.5
Location: South America

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Total:2728149Total Score1,625,888


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2011-12-12 06:58:39
Great propagation this year. Last year I had TEP to the Eastern US for 2 hours after the start of the contest at 9pm local and worked 250 stations. The next 2 days the propagation was mostly backscatter and I only managed another 500 Qs the whole contest. This year the propagation was so good to Europe that I was unprepared for the huge pileups or should I say mobs. I'm still not sure how to handle them but I think maybe moving to a frequency above normal may help thin the crowd. You might think that having a huge EU pileup would be great but try working a station with several other stations almost zero beat continuously calling on top of the one you are trying to work. However, it sure beats not having any pileup at all like last year. I wonder if working split would work for a contest. Saturday evening for a couple of hours I had what seemed a bit like the pulsed radar signal I used to hear on 40m when the band was open to Asia. I think it was propagated because the level faded from about S5 to about S1. Also, the direction was right out over the Pacific Ocean, about 100 meters from my antennas. Did anyone else hear this? On Saturday, I had worked all the US mults except AR and thought it would be easy to work on Sunday. I must have worked hundreds of W5's and kept hoping for AR but none came. Then, about 2 hours before the contest ended W5QP called in from AR. Then another AR called in shortly after that. A couple of ststions had echos so bad that I had to move the antenna away from them in order to copy. Murphy came 45 minutes before the contest ended with a power outage that lasted until after the contest ended. I was running at about 100/hr so if it would have happened earlier it could have been much worse. Maybe I should think about getting a backup generator but this is the first time commercial power has failed here during a contest, and I've operated about 20 in the last 6 years from Huasco. I built a 5 element yagi on a 27 ft boom for the contest which performed great and complimented my 3el Stepper yagi well. Both antennas are only 20 ft above the ground so I'm planning on getting at least one up to 60 ft for next year. I wonder if height matters much on 10m? Thanks for QSO's and hope to see you next weekend in the Stew Perry contest. 73, Al CE1/K7CA