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Hawaii QSO Party   2017   Aug 26   Claimed Score

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Call: N6WM
Operator(s): N6WM
Station: N6WM

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Fremont CA
Operating Time (hrs): 6~
Location: Out of State/Province

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BandCW QsPh QsDig QsMults
Total:3320223Total Score3,220


Club: Northern California Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-08-27 21:33:24
So how many KH6 stations can you work with a Diplole, a 5btv and a KPA500? well probably more than this if I was a bit more diligent. At the NCCC picnic, there was lots of talk about HQP. And when our family was in Hawaii 2 months ago, the KH6 Oahu folks treated us so well that I knew I would throw a few out that direction. Also lots of NCCC ties out there. So I fired up my flex lab here in fremont to see just what we could do from sea level with a dipole and a 5btv, in between shuttling kids to soccer and washing cars. Thanks to all the friendly stations on all the islands out there, and a special shout out to Alan, LLoyd, Eran, Rob, Kimo and everyone who was on the air.. Special gold star to KH6CJJ who actually answered a CQ directed to KH6.. spin the dial and get a few more in the log! Maybe invite some more NCCC out there to make an event of it and light those Islands up! Always fun and Hawaii hospitality out in full force. Mahalo and Aloha Chris N6WM