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NCCC Sprint   2018   Jan 12   Claimed Score

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Call: N3BB
Operator(s): N3BB
Station: N3BB

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: stx
Operating Time (hrs): 0.2
Location: West Central
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:2117Total Score357


Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-12 03:20:05
Got off to a reasonably good start working semi-neighbor K5AND on 15 and 20, both totally dead here. Then started to get good results on 40, until my K3 stopped transmitting. This is the new (to me) K3 and it and its brother K3 both will be put on line soon. I must have pushed some button wrong in my ignorance or haste. The radio still puts out 100 W in the "tune" position, but I never could get it to transmit any power at all otherwise. Hopefully I did not do some dumb thing and kill it altogether. My last contact was at 0241, so the 21 contacts came in 11 minutes, a good start as 80 and 160 were gonna be good. The K3 was on 40 so nearly every contact was on the "new to me" K3. Thanks to K5AND for the nice local contacts. Forty meters seemed long. I'll bet that 80 and 160 were gonna be killer good tonight. Appreciate the contacts and hope to be back next week with two radios. This once again underscores the "don't change before a contest" but sooner or later I have to make this switch. The one K3 that was in line sounded great on receive. I am working with Tom, KB5RF, who is a new CW guy and taking part in the CW Op's CW Academy training program. Tom, sorry that I was not around the whole time, and that we didn't work. Hopefully you had fun. My advice to him is to call at a speed he can copy, and people will slow down for you. Also, to call CQs at the upper end of the frequency ranges. Look out for him, fellows, since you have to agree that jumping into the NS is not exactly the easiest thing for a new CW operator. So far is excited. I think that a contact with K4OAQ is his only "copied both ways" QSO so far (last week) in his adventure. Nice going, Fritz. 73 to all, Jim N3BB