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ARRL September VHF Contest   2017   Sep 9   Claimed Score

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Call: N5RZ
Operator(s): N5RZ
Station: N5RZ

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

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Total:6633Total Score3,168


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-11 17:57:23
Recently moved to new QTH in EM00 and still unpacking & settling in. Have up a 47' tower for my internet dish and cell phone booster antenna and a support for my Carolina Windom for HF. Just got back to town Friday, and got a call from K5TR saying he was going rover. Got in gear and started digging out my VHF antennas & some hardline & coax jumpers. Was able to get up a 13B2, Cushcraft 424 & a 25 el 1296 loop yagi on the mast. Rotator worked fine, so ready to go. 13B2 & 1296 tuned up OK, but the SWR was 3+:1 on 432 & shut down the TS2000X to about 10W. Still decided to go with it. The Carolina Windom tunes up OK on 6M, so I was set. 1800Z rolled around and 2M & 1296 were fine, but couldn't do anything on 432, so dug out my old 15 el 70cm rover antenna & found a place on the mast for it. Tragedy narrowly averted! Condx were poor, but activity is much better here in Central TX than it was at the old QTH in West Texas. Made some Q's till 4PM when I headed over to AC4CA across town to do CW Sprint, so back on VHF Sunday morning. Operated off & on all day chasing the rovers & filling in bands with some of the locals. Very little enhancement. First time in years I've done the Sept contest. Had a good time and looking forward to getting the real permanent antennas up and getting the amps going. Thanks to all for the QSO's & moves. Rig: TS2000X 6M 100W to Carolina Windom 2M 100W to 13B2 @ 55' 432 50W to 15 el KLM yagi @ 48' 1296 10W to 25el LY @ 50' Logged on paper, so need to enter the log into software. 73, Gator