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ARRL DX Contest, CW   2018   Feb 17   Claimed Score

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Call: GM5A
Station: GM5A

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Muasdale
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:3186234Total Score2,233,062


Club: GMDX

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-21 15:29:14
I always enjoy reading post contest reports so here is ours. In the last 3 years, a few of us (MM0GPZ GM0RLZ and GM0ELP) have completed single band entries from a /P seaside location near Campbeltown in a so called luxury caravan. It has been really quite successful so this year we decided to try M/2. 6 of us travelled to the site on the beach near Campbeltown on Thursday night to be ready to install the 6 TX antennas and 3 RX antennas on Friday. We hired 2 "luxury caravans" this time, one for an the shack and the other for cooking/eating/sleeping. The plan was to use VDA's as close to the water on 10, 15 and 20m. The VDA's have proved themselves previously as stellar performers from the seaside site. Phased verticals on 40m, a Titanex for 80m and another 80m Titanex with a top loading wire for 160m. After breakfast, we split into teams and started on the installs. We got really lucky with the WX and the sun was shining and very little wind for a change. The 10m VDA was installed quickly thankfully as it was a lot of effort for 1 QSO. We used sandbags to hold the guys. These are really effective and easy to use as there is very little to tie the guys off to so a great solution. 15m VDA and the monster 20m VDA soon followed. The 80m titanex was in place by now and looked impressive on the edge of the beach. That was time for lunch and we were patting ourselves on the back for a job well done so far and thinking this was easier that we thought it would be. After lunch, all that needed done was the 160 and the 40m antennas plus loop and beverage. For some reason everything seemed to go in slow motion in the afternoon and the top band antenna had to be redesigned as it was bending over to 90 degrees with the top loading wire attached. It was in real danger of snapping. The 40m phased vertical elements had to be made onsite as it turned out we had lost the previously used elements. Thankfully the phasing cables were present and correct. It was installed just as it was getting dark. Fine tuning of the elevated radials occurred using torchlight. I should also mention that the ground was completely sodden and welly boots were the order of the day. Good for antenna performance but not good to walk around in for hours.The 40m array when checked was not diplaying the sort of SWR curve that would be expected on the analyser. As it was now about 2 deg C and pitch black, we decided to ditch the array and go with a single vertical at least for the first night. The shack was setup in the evening after dinner. Amazing even although it feels like the middle of nowhere, 4G signal was strong and a phone was deployed as the network using the mobile hotspot feature. Skimmers on both K3's helped populate the bandmap. On Saturday the error was found on the 40m array.The spacing of the antennas was wrong. It should have been 8th wave spacing and it was set out with quarter wave spacing. Smack on the wrist for me who never listened properly :-( The SWR curve was now as expected on the analyser. Day 1. Contest kicked off and 300 QSO's were in the log in first 2 hours. 40m slightly better than 80 for first hour. 160m was super. Most stations could be heard on the TX ant but we used diversity RX with the loop in the right ear and TX ant in left ear. From about 10am, 20m was virtually the only game in town with a very few 15m Q's in the log also. 40m came back about 7pm both nights but not ever very busy. W3LPL went in the log for our single 10m QSO all weekend. Day 2. As always, day 2 is much slower as you have worked many of the big stations. Minutes of cqing with no reply was normal. 15m had a brief flourish mid Sunday and boosted the 15m mults. 20m again was the band to be on. Last QSO Sunday was W2ID in NJ at 20:23. From then on, it was just grinding out QSO's till the end. Summary. Conditions on 10/15 much worse than previous years. 20m although not as good ended up with more QSO's than last year probably due to everyone being there due to conditions elsewhere. Great fun was had by all and plans are brewing for next year. Gordon MM0GPZ