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California QSO Party   2017   Oct 7   Claimed Score

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Call: K6VO
Operator(s): AF6GL K6NR K6RBS
Station: K6NR

Class: M/SFixed HP
QTH: sber
Operating Time (hrs): 28
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh Qs
Total:775755Mults57Total Score218,595


Club: Southern California Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-08 21:36:32
This year Richard, K6RBS, Tim, AF6GL and I (K6NR) once again put K6VO on the air for the California QSO Party, with Mike, NM6X providing logistical support. We had a good time as always, but the noise at my desert station near Victorville has gotten worse every year and was particularly bad this year. I have at least three strong noise sources and they impact all bands, especially 20 meters and below (QRN is 20 over 9 on 40m). Apologies to everyone who called who we could not pull out. Conditions were fair, with a short 10 meter opening. We didn't seem to get as many callers answering our Cqs, but perhaps we couldn't hear them in the noise. Lots of DX on Sunday morning " we had 101 DX QSOs overall. Hats off to our friends in Ontario who provided 88 QSOs. Once again Alaska was a no show and we finished with 57 of 58 mults. Our QSO count and score was down from past years, not sure it was us, the QRN, or conditions. Our thanks to everyone for the QSOs. Dana, K6NR Station: K3 -> AL1200, 1200 W Antennas: 10m 5L@48', 15m 5L@45', 20m 4L@60' 40m 4square array 80m top loaded vertical over 66 radials 40m/80m trap dipole @ 55' 160m inverted L over same radials Misc receive