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ARRL June VHF Contest   2017   Jun 10   Claimed Score

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Call: K1TO
Operator(s): K1TO
Station: K1TO

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs):

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Total:1127170Total Score191,590


Club: Florida Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2017-06-11 21:06:16
In the past 4 years as a 6-Meter only entrant, I've been shoehorned into the 3-band category, but that category is only for LP. A new-to-me amp appeared on the operating desk a few weeks ago, so now this 6M single-band entrant is shoehorned into All-band, hence my posting this way. I really don't care about the categories as I will do the same thing regardless. It is about the fun on the air, not the categorization afterward... Anyway, condx in the 24 hours leading up to the event were nothing short of phenomenal. After hearing a total of 2 different JAs over the past 4 years, I decoded 39 different JAs in a 48-minute period on Friday evening, logging 4 of them. Then on Saturday AM, several nice DX QSOs were made. I've been on JT65 for only about a week now (had never tried it on HF) and it also helped a bit during the contest during the many slow periods, contributing maybe 25 QSOs. Included in this was my first-ever Hawaii QSO, completing WAS (and WAC!). But after the meteoric rise in popularity of MSK-144 on 6M in the past 6 months, it suddenly was a non-factor in this contest and the long drawn-out sequences of JT65 prevented a few QSOs from being completed. The frequent big Es opening to the N/NE on Sunday morning didn't materialize, and the K-index suddenly jumped to 5, so the 331 QSOs day one had only expanded to ~450 by mid afternoon Sunday when finally the floodgates opened. The next 5 hours or so were fast-paced, fun and productive. Must have worked every active ham in VE3, NY and OH. Always nice to say hello to everyone. Thanks for the QSOs. vy 73, Dan K1TO