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Recent postings for the selected club or group are listed below. Other than the call used, all calls listed are only those associated with the club or group. Click on a call to see the details of the posting.
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2020-09-26 13:58:45WA9TTARRL 10G+10G OnlyHP12,416update5788
2020-09-24 01:40:37K9JK/R(K9JK)144FallSprntRoverLP32new5872
2020-09-23 21:19:29W9GAARRL Sep VHFSingle OpLP15,853new5855
2020-09-22 16:57:02K9YRARRL 10G+10G OnlyHP400new5788
2020-09-21 03:13:19KA9VVQNHQPMOSTLP16new5867
2020-09-21 03:01:33KA9VVQSalmon RunM/SLP4,790new5876
2020-09-21 02:52:33KA9VVQNJQPMulti-OpLP448new5868
2020-09-21 02:44:49KA9VVQ(W9FZ)IaQPOut of StateLP300new5866
2020-09-19 16:50:40K9DJT/P(@K9DJT)ARRL Sep VHFSingle OpLP252new5855
2020-09-14 21:57:40WB9TFHARRL Sep VHFSO 3BandLP8,732new5855
2020-09-14 15:18:33WA9GONARRL Sep VHFSingle OpHP209new5855
2020-09-14 14:31:49KG9JPARRL Sep VHFSO 3BandLP224new5855
2020-09-14 03:04:21NT9EARRL Sep VHFSingle OpLP2,040new5855
2020-09-14 02:21:17WI9WIARRL Sep VHFSingle OpHP1,300new5855
2020-09-14 02:04:47AA9RK(KD9NZB)ARRL Sep VHFLimited Multi-OpLP312new5855
2020-09-14 01:09:23KA9VVQTxQPSO MixedLP25,063new5853
2020-09-14 01:07:35KA9VVQAlQPM/SMixedLP702new5851
2020-09-13 22:58:06WA9TTARRL Sep VHFSingle OpHP2,574new5855
2020-08-27 14:35:36W9GA50FallSprntSingle OpLP496new