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Recent postings for the selected club or group are listed below. Other than the call used, all calls listed are only those associated with the club or group. Click on a call to see the details of the posting.
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2024-05-24 20:30:17KY4GSKRC SST May 24Single OpLP80new9478
2024-05-23 08:05:10KY4GSCWopsT 0700Z May 23Single OpLP180new9474
2024-05-23 08:03:06NJ8JCWopsT 0700Z May 23Single OpLP306new9474
2024-05-23 04:42:39NJ8JUNDXSO CWLP8new9460
2024-05-23 04:25:14VP5M(K4BAI)CWopsT 0300Z May 23Single OpHP12,100new9473
2024-05-23 04:10:31NJ8JCWopsT 0300Z May 23Single OpLP5,624new9473
2024-05-23 04:08:13KY4GSCWopsT 0300Z May 23Single OpLP2,856new9473
2024-05-23 04:03:43N4XTT(@K1TTT)CWopsT 0300Z May 23Academy Single OpHP11,865new9473
2024-05-23 04:03:39NN4KCWopsT 0300Z May 23Single OpHP5,329new9473
2024-05-23 04:02:41AA4GACWopsT 0300Z May 23Single OpLP2,025new9473
2024-05-23 03:50:10N5TOOCWopsT 0300Z May 23Single OpHP3,422new9473
2024-05-23 03:31:36AD8JCWopsT 0300Z May 23Single OpLP324new9473
2024-05-23 03:11:51N9FZCWopsT 0300Z May 23Single OpLP196new9473
2024-05-22 21:10:50K8LBQCWopsT 1300Z May 22Single OpLP256new9471
2024-05-22 20:42:21K4HRCWopsT 1300Z May 22Single OpLP2,397new9471
2024-05-22 20:32:32K4HRCWopsT 1900Z May 22Single OpHP3,528new9472
2024-05-22 20:25:12KY4GSCWopsT 1900Z May 22Single OpLP2,860update9472
2024-05-22 20:07:04W8FNCWopsT 1900Z May 22Single OpHP11,340new9472
2024-05-22 20:04:00NN4KCWopsT 1900Z May 22Single OpHP3,844new9472
2024-05-22 20:01:46N5TOOCWopsT 1900Z May 22Single OpHP10,710new9472
2024-05-22 19:53:00KT4XNCWopsT 1900Z May 22Single OpHP4,347new9472
2024-05-22 19:47:58N9FZCWopsT 1900Z May 22Single OpLP1,936new9472
2024-05-22 19:20:07AD8JCWopsT 1900Z May 22Single OpLP576new9472
2024-05-22 18:01:32KY4GSCWopsT 1300Z May 22Single OpLP4,620update9471
2024-05-22 14:07:07KT4XNCWopsT 1300Z May 22Single OpHP6,205new9471
2024-05-22 14:06:54W8FNCWopsT 1300Z May 22Single OpHP17,420new9471
2024-05-22 14:03:50NN4KCWopsT 1300Z May 22Single OpHP3,249new9471
2024-05-22 14:02:57N5TOOCWopsT 1300Z May 22Single OpHP17,892new9471
2024-05-22 14:02:34N9FZCWopsT 1300Z May 22Single OpLP7,921new9471
2024-05-22 14:02:08AD8JCWopsT 1300Z May 22Single OpLP9,300new9471
2024-05-21 04:13:00KY4GSICWC MST 0300Z May 21Single OpLP2,352new9467
2024-05-21 03:57:15KY4GSCWopsT 0300Z May 16Single OpLP2,352new9453
2024-05-21 03:35:32NN4KICWC MST 0300Z May 21Single OpHP625new9467
2024-05-20 20:08:37KY4GSICWC MST 1900Z May 20Single OpLP64new9466
2024-05-20 20:07:48W8FNICWC MST 1900Z May 20Single OpHP2,496new9466
2024-05-20 19:58:08NN4KICWC MST 1900Z May 20Single OpHP1,024new9466
2024-05-20 14:56:04KY4GSICWC MST 1300Z May 20Single OpLP1,152update9465
2024-05-20 14:05:38NN4KICWC MST 1300Z May 20Single OpHP550new9465
2024-05-20 02:43:15K4BAIKRC SST May 20Single OpHP2,691new9459
2024-05-20 00:31:36N9FZKRC SST May 20Single OpLP216new9459
2024-05-19 18:46:44AA4GAKing of Spain CWSOSB/20LP561new9461
2024-05-19 12:49:20K4BAIKing of Spain CWSOABHP23,482new9461
2024-05-19 12:28:54K4BAIArQPSOMixedHP3,007new9463
2024-05-16 20:22:47KY4GSCWopsT 1300Z May 15Single OpLP196update9451
2024-05-16 07:37:10KY4GSCWopsT 1900Z May 15Single OpLP16new9452
2024-05-16 07:33:59KY4GSCWopsT 0700Z May 16Single OpLP224new9454
2024-05-16 04:03:48NJ8JCWopsT 0300Z May 16Single OpLP3,776new9453
2024-05-16 03:43:30N9FZCWopsT 0300Z May 16Single OpLP3,192new9453
2024-05-16 03:17:06KT4XNCWopsT 0300Z May 16Single OpHP169new9453
2024-05-16 03:08:37AD8JCWopsT 0300Z May 16Single OpLP225new9453
2024-05-15 21:20:34KB3FWCWopsT 1900Z May 15Single OpLP2,496new9452
2024-05-15 20:26:20NN4KCWopsT 1900Z May 15Single OpHP441new9452
2024-05-15 19:36:39KT4XNCWopsT 1900Z May 15Single OpHP2,162new9452
2024-05-15 19:11:44N9FZCWopsT 1900Z May 15Single OpLP100new9452
2024-05-15 15:02:52KB3FWCWopsT 1300Z May 15Single OpLP2,070new9451
2024-05-15 14:31:12K8LBQCWopsT 1300Z May 15Single OpLP324new9451
2024-05-15 14:09:16K4HRCWopsT 1300Z May 15Single OpLP484new9451
2024-05-15 14:04:54NN4KCWopsT 1300Z May 15Single OpHP2,704new9451
2024-05-15 14:03:49N5TOOCWopsT 1300Z May 15Single OpHP15,000new9451
2024-05-15 14:02:20N9FZCWopsT 1300Z May 15Single OpLP4,488new9451
2024-05-15 14:01:28AD8JCWopsT 1300Z May 15Single OpLP7,920new9451
2024-05-15 13:38:05KT4XNCWopsT 1300Z May 15Single OpHP729new9451
2024-05-14 15:42:50KY4GSICWC MST 0300Z May 14Single OpLP2,301new9447
2024-05-14 14:23:13KB3FWICWC MST 0300Z May 14Single OpLP121new9447
2024-05-14 03:59:28N5TOOICWC MST 0300Z May 14Single OpHP900new9447
2024-05-14 02:36:35KB3FWICWC MST 1900Z May 13Single OpLP169new9446
2024-05-13 19:51:34KY4GSICWC MST 1900Z May 13Single OpLP754new9446
2024-05-13 19:34:36NN4KICWC MST 1900Z May 13Single OpHP256new9446
2024-05-13 14:05:43NN4KICWC MST 1300Z May 13Single OpHP269new9445
2024-05-13 13:22:13KB3FWKRC SST May 13Single OpLP63new9440
2024-05-13 13:19:41KY4GSKRC SST May 13Single OpLP1,782new9440
2024-05-13 13:18:21KY4GSICWC MST 1300Z May 13Single OpLP100new9445
2024-05-13 03:03:23K4BAICQ-MSOSB/40CWHP2new9442
2024-05-13 02:47:28K4BAICPQPSingle OpHP1new9443
2024-05-10 21:02:58KB3FWKRC SST May 10Single OpLP504new9439
2024-05-09 12:58:05KB3FWCWopsT 1900Z May 8Single OpLP2,499new9433
2024-05-09 08:06:28KY4GSCWopsT 0700Z May 9Single OpLP1,056new9435
2024-05-09 08:04:14KY4GSCWopsT 0300Z May 9Single OpLP5,616new9434
2024-05-09 04:03:39N4XTT(@K1TTT)CWopsT 0300Z May 9Academy Single OpHP10,900new9434
2024-05-09 04:03:20NN4KCWopsT 0300Z May 9Single OpHP3,844new9434
2024-05-09 04:01:33K1AJCWopsT 0300Z May 9Single OpLP7,392new9434
2024-05-09 03:59:43KT4XNCWopsT 0300Z May 9Single OpHP4,020new9434
2024-05-09 03:17:21N9FZCWopsT 0300Z May 9Single OpLP225new9434
2024-05-09 03:09:15AD8JCWopsT 0300Z May 9Single OpLP400new9434
2024-05-08 20:39:32K8LBQCWopsT 1900Z May 8Single OpLP360new9433
2024-05-08 20:05:29W8FNCWopsT 1900Z May 8Single OpHP12,096new9433
2024-05-08 20:04:24K4HRCWopsT 1900Z May 8Single OpHP2,592new9433
2024-05-08 20:01:19AD8JCWopsT 1900Z May 8Single OpLP1,260new9433
2024-05-08 20:00:22KY4GSCWopsT 1900Z May 8Single OpLP1,190new9433
2024-05-08 19:57:03NN4KCWopsT 1900Z May 8Single OpHP3,025new9433
2024-05-08 19:35:33KT4XNCWopsT 1900Z May 8Single OpHP1,520new9433
2024-05-08 19:31:57N5TOOCWopsT 1300Z May 8Single OpQRP81new9432
2024-05-08 19:13:41N9FZCWopsT 1900Z May 8Single OpLP196new9433
2024-05-08 17:36:33KB3FWCWopsT 1300Z May 8Single OpLP1,936new9432
2024-05-08 15:23:04KY4GSCWopsT 1300Z May 8Single OpLP100update9432
2024-05-08 14:05:09W8FNCWopsT 1300Z May 8Single OpHP19,728new9432
2024-05-08 14:05:00NN4KCWopsT 1300Z May 8Single OpHP2,916new9432
2024-05-08 14:03:20K1AJCWopsT 1300Z May 8Single OpLP5,254new9432
2024-05-08 14:01:17N9FZCWopsT 1300Z May 8Single OpLP6,162new9432
2024-05-08 13:57:28AD8JCWopsT 1300Z May 8Single OpLP7,056new9432
2024-05-08 13:44:09W4XOCWopsT 1300Z May 8Single OpHP992new9432
2024-05-07 23:27:49KB3FWICWC MST 1900Z May 6Single OpLP121new9427
2024-05-07 04:03:08NJ8JNewEngQPSingle OpLP6,360new9425
2024-05-07 04:02:51N4XTTICWC MST 0300Z May 7Single OpLP2,585new9428
2024-05-07 04:02:13NN4KICWC MST 0300Z May 7Single OpHP256new9428
2024-05-07 04:01:33NJ8JDeQPSingle OpLP900new9424
2024-05-07 04:00:24NJ8JInQPSingle OpLP128new9423
2024-05-07 03:58:51NJ8J7QPSOCWLP1,914new9422
2024-05-07 03:55:00KY4GSICWC MST 0300Z May 7Single OpLP986new9428
2024-05-07 03:34:34K1AJICWC MST 0300Z May 7Single OpHP400new9428
2024-05-07 02:31:08K4BAIARS SS MaySingle OpQRP43new9342
2024-05-07 02:21:29W4QDVARS SS MaySingle OpQRP43new9342
2024-05-06 20:49:51KY4GSInQPSingle OpLP408new9423
2024-05-06 20:49:04KY4GSNewEngQPSingle OpLP8,320new9425
2024-05-06 20:48:28KY4GSDeQPSingle OpLP240new9424
2024-05-06 20:48:02KY4GS7QPSOCWLP22,101new9422
2024-05-06 20:42:08KY4GSARISO CWLP69new9421
2024-05-06 20:03:32KY4GSICWC MST 1900Z May 6Single OpLP110new9427
2024-05-06 19:53:25NN4KICWC MST 1900Z May 6Single OpHP121new9427
2024-05-06 19:51:47W8FNICWC MST 1900Z May 6Single OpHP990new9427
2024-05-06 19:34:33K3UTICWC MST 1900Z May 6Single OpHP1,225new9427
2024-05-06 18:11:00KB3FWNewEngQPSingle OpLP960new9425
2024-05-06 18:09:12KB3FWInQPSingle OpLP144new9423
2024-05-06 18:07:38KB3FW7QPSOCWLP1,482new9422
2024-05-06 16:42:18KB3FWICWC MST 1300Z May 6Single OpLP110new9426
2024-05-06 14:28:04KY4GSICWC MST 1300Z May 6Single OpLP414new9426
2024-05-06 14:06:55W8FNICWC MST 1300Z May 6Single OpHP1,862new9426
2024-05-06 12:31:46WA8OJRKRC SST May 6Single OpQRP962new9419
2024-05-06 11:05:00W4QDV7QPSOCWLP1,296new9422
2024-05-06 02:41:21K3GWKNewEngQPSingle OpLP560new9425
2024-05-06 02:19:51K4BAIInQPSingle OpHP3,069new9423
2024-05-06 02:15:34K4BAINewEngQPSingle OpHP17,576new9425
2024-05-06 02:06:57K4BAIDeQPSingle OpHP1,320new9424
2024-05-06 01:57:44K4BAI7QPSOMixedHP61,404new9422
2024-05-06 01:20:20KU8EARISO MixedHP7,623new9421
2024-05-06 01:08:47KU8EInQPSingle OpHP1,159new9423
2024-05-06 01:07:26W8FNKRC SST May 6Single OpHP3,120new9419
2024-05-06 01:05:32KU8ENewEngQPSingle OpHP11,362new9425
2024-05-06 01:04:05KY4GSKRC SST May 6Single OpLP2,405new9419
2024-05-06 01:02:58KU8EDeQPSingle OpHP1,200new9424
2024-05-06 00:59:53KU8E7QPSOMixedHP37,985new9422
2024-05-06 00:57:00N9FZKRC SST May 6Single OpLP1,134new9419
2024-05-06 00:50:33KT4XNKRC SST May 6Single OpLP36new9419
2024-05-05 12:47:29K4BAIARISO MixedHP37,940new9421
2024-05-02 13:14:14KB3FWCWopsT 0300Z May 2Single OpLP225new9413
2024-05-02 12:44:33KY4GSFlQPSOAB(A)CWLP3,024new9397
2024-05-02 12:39:30KY4GSHelvetiaSO CWLP20new9396
2024-05-02 12:38:05KY4GSUK/EI DX CWSO(A)12 1-Element AnLP385new9395
2024-05-02 04:11:13KY4GSCWopsT 0300Z May 2Single OpLP11,880new9413
2024-05-02 04:04:15NN4KCWopsT 0300Z May 2Single OpHP6,561new9413
2024-05-02 04:02:39K1AJCWopsT 0300Z May 2Single OpLP11,664new9413
2024-05-02 03:47:22N5TOOCWopsT 0300Z May 2Single OpHP784new9413
2024-05-02 03:14:06N9FZCWopsT 0300Z May 2Single OpLP400new9413
2024-05-02 03:06:38AD8JCWopsT 0300Z May 2Single OpLP225new9413
2024-05-01 22:29:11KB3FWCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpLP2,397new9412
2024-05-01 22:26:56KB3FWCWopsT 1300Z May 1Single OpLP1,056new9411
2024-05-01 21:26:20W4UKBARTG 75 AprilSingle OpHP832new9399
2024-05-01 21:03:26KT4XNCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpQRP169new9412
2024-05-01 20:17:13K4HRCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpHP3,900new9412
2024-05-01 20:07:19W8FNCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpHP9,021new9412
2024-05-01 20:03:47NN4KCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpHP3,249new9412
2024-05-01 20:03:47KY4GSCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpLP5,032new9412
2024-05-01 20:02:15AD8JCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpLP361new9412
2024-05-01 19:29:52N5TOOCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpHP625new9412
2024-05-01 19:26:37N9FZCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpLP441new9412
2024-05-01 14:26:51KY4GSAWT May 1Single OpLP1new9410
2024-05-01 14:12:51K8LBQCWopsT 1300Z May 1Single OpLP156new9411
2024-05-01 14:06:43KY4GSCWopsT 1300Z May 1Single OpLP7,224new9411
2024-05-01 14:05:18W8FNCWopsT 1300Z May 1Single OpHP17,952new9411
2024-05-01 14:03:54NN4KCWopsT 1300Z May 1Single OpHP4,489new9411
2024-05-01 14:00:57AD8JCWopsT 1300Z May 1Single OpLP15,128new9411
2024-05-01 13:45:12N9FZCWopsT 1300Z May 1Single OpLP4,761new9411
2024-05-01 13:39:36W4XOCWopsT 1300Z May 1Single OpHP784new9411
2024-05-01 13:19:30K1AJCWopsT 1300Z May 1Single OpHP2,601new9411
2024-04-30 23:57:45W4ANFlQPM/S MobileMixedLP939,502update9397
2024-04-30 16:01:19KB3FWFlQPSOABMixedLP3,402new9397
2024-04-30 04:10:47KY4GSICWC MST 0300Z Apr 30Single OpLP3,036new9405
2024-04-30 04:10:03NN4KICWC MST 0300Z Apr 30Single OpHP1,600new9405
2024-04-30 03:59:41N5TOOICWC MST 0300Z Apr 30Single OpHP2,376new9405
2024-04-30 03:53:51K1AJICWC MST 0300Z Apr 30Single OpHP1,892new9405
2024-04-30 02:39:07KB3FWICWC MST 1900Z Apr 29Single OpLP484new9404
2024-04-29 22:19:34KY4GSICWC MST 1900Z Apr 29Single OpLP2,397new9404
2024-04-29 20:06:44W8FNICWC MST 1900Z Apr 29Single OpHP3,648new9404
2024-04-29 20:03:16K3UTICWC MST 1900Z Apr 29Single OpHP2,650new9404
2024-04-29 14:17:51KY4GSICWC MST 1300Z Apr 29Single OpLP3,224new9403
2024-04-29 14:03:37NN4KICWC MST 1300Z Apr 29Single OpHP576new9403
2024-04-29 13:45:33K1AJICWC MST 1300Z Apr 29Single OpLP100new9403
2024-04-29 12:47:07N5TOOFlQPSOABCWHP308new9397
2024-04-29 12:43:19K3GWKFlQPSOAB(A)SSBLP450new9397
2024-04-29 10:39:23NJ8JUK/EI DX CWSO12 1-Element AntLP72new9395
2024-04-29 01:02:52KY4GSKRC SST Apr 29Single OpLP3,010new9393
2024-04-29 01:01:54N9FZKRC SST Apr 29Single OpLP2,124new9393
2024-04-29 00:44:54KT4XNKRC SST Apr 29Single OpLP42new9393
2024-04-28 23:32:39KT4XNFlQPSOABCWLP112new9397
2024-04-28 22:11:41W4QDVFlQPSOABCWLP320new9397
2024-04-26 21:36:24KY4GSKRC SST Apr 26Single OpLP1,050new9392
2024-04-26 21:01:50KB3FWKRC SST Apr 26Single OpLP96new9392
2024-04-26 03:11:04K4BAINCCC Sprint Apr 26Single OpLP1,462new9391
2024-04-25 17:17:18KB3FWCWopsT 1900Z Apr 24Single OpLP4,160new9385
2024-04-25 04:14:38KY4GSCWopsT 0300Z Apr 25Single OpLP9,595new9386
2024-04-25 04:10:39NN4KCWopsT 0300Z Apr 25Single OpHP6,400new9386
2024-04-25 04:06:50N4XTTCWopsT 0300Z Apr 25Academy Single OpLP5,329new9386
2024-04-25 04:04:53K4HRCWopsT 0300Z Apr 25Single OpHP2,438new9386
2024-04-25 04:03:26N5TOOCWopsT 0300Z Apr 25Single OpHP8,096new9386
2024-04-25 04:03:01K1AJCWopsT 0300Z Apr 25Single OpLP15,876new9386
2024-04-25 03:24:29HR9/AD8J(AD8J)CWopsT 0300Z Apr 25Single OpLP676new9386
2024-04-25 03:22:44N9FZCWopsT 0300Z Apr 25Single OpLP169new9386
2024-04-25 03:10:45KT4XNCWopsT 0300Z Apr 25Single OpHP225new9386
2024-04-25 02:38:39K4HRCWopsT 1900Z Apr 24Single OpLP2,750new