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Club Activity Tracker - Rochester VHF Group (from club selection on form)

Recent postings for the selected club or group are listed below. Other than the call used, all calls listed are only those associated with the club or group. Click on a call to see the details of the posting.
Status Key: new=new posting, update=update prior posting, move=change club/group, delete=delete prior posting.

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2019-09-19 12:07:57N5BNO/R(@N5BNO)ARRL Sep VHFSingle OpLP9,688new5149
2019-09-19 00:53:48VA3ELEARRL Sep VHFSingle OpHP71,296new5149
2019-09-18 00:55:58K2DHARRL Sep VHFSingle OpHP8,601new5149
2019-09-17 23:06:27VE3CRU/R(VE3CRU)ARRL Sep VHFRoverLP16,200new5149
2019-09-17 22:51:48K2ET/R(K2ET)ARRL Sep VHFRoverLP25,959new5149
2019-09-17 13:26:36VE3WYARRL Sep VHFSO 3BandLP6,396new5149
2019-09-17 10:29:05VE3SSTARRL Sep VHFSO 3BandLP3,399new5149
2019-09-17 08:43:00N2WKARRL Sep VHFSingle OpLP52,704new5149
2019-09-17 02:53:35W2EV/R(W2EV)ARRL Sep VHFRoverLP21,460new5149
2019-09-16 22:45:07KF2MR/R(KF2MR)ARRL Sep VHFRoverHP124,120new5149
2019-09-16 16:55:34KD2LGXARRL Sep VHFMulti-OpHP53,015new5149
2019-09-16 14:02:24VE3DSARRL Sep VHFSingle OpLP54,516new5149
2019-09-16 12:41:43K2OSARRL Sep VHFSingle OpLP75new5149
2019-09-16 10:23:45N2BEGARRL Sep VHFSingle OpLP9,143new5149
2019-09-16 06:34:43KA2ENEARRL Sep VHFSingle OpLP16,120new5149
2019-08-27 18:26:19VE3CRU/R(VE3CRU)50FallSprntRoverLP4new