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Club Activity Tracker - Rochester VHF Group (from club selection on form)

Recent postings for the selected club or group are listed below. Other than the call used, all calls listed are only those associated with the club or group. Click on a call to see the details of the posting.
Status Key: new=new posting, update=update prior posting, move=change club/group, delete=delete prior posting.

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2023-01-26 16:00:33N5BNO/R(@N5BNO)ARRL Jan VHFSingle Op-AnalogLP9,657new8068
2023-01-25 03:09:18KC2PCDARRL Jan VHFSingle Op-All ModesLP2,025new8068
2023-01-24 22:13:40KV2X/R(KV2X)ARRL Jan VHFRoverLP13,065new8068
2023-01-23 20:11:31KA2ENEARRL Jan VHFSingle Op-All ModesLP40,138new8068
2023-01-23 20:05:00K2UA/R(K2UA)ARRL Jan VHFRoverLP58,900new8068
2023-01-23 16:34:42K2DHARRL Jan VHFSingle OpHP33,968new8068
2023-01-23 15:28:25NR2CARRL Jan VHFSingle OpLP55,200new8068
2023-01-23 14:37:18N2JMHARRL Jan VHFSingle OpHP220,860new8068
2023-01-23 13:57:28N2WKARRL Jan VHFSingle OpLP61,940new8068
2023-01-23 12:34:19K2ET/R(@K2ET)ARRL Jan VHFRoverLP36,895new8068
2023-01-23 11:09:53K2TERARRL Jan VHFSingle OpHP61,800new8068
2023-01-23 03:23:25KD2LGXARRL Jan VHFMulti-OpHP61,312new