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2024-07-11 04:24:36W4ER(@W6IZT)CWopsT 0300Z Jul 11Single OpLP676new9607
2024-07-10 20:02:24W4ERCWopsT 1900Z Jul 10Single OpQRP380new9606
2024-07-10 14:07:17W4ERCWopsT 1300Z Jul 10Single OpQRP169new9605
2024-07-09 04:01:56K5VBAICWC MST 0300Z Jul 9Single OpHP784new9600
2024-07-08 20:09:14K5VBAICWC MST 1900Z Jul 8Single OpHP784new9599
2024-07-08 14:02:47K5VBAICWC MST 1300Z Jul 8Single OpHP529new9598
2024-07-04 04:04:20W4ERCWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpQRP900new9589
2024-07-04 04:02:17N4KHCWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpHP9,292new9589
2024-07-04 04:01:50K5VBACWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpHP784new9589
2024-07-03 21:10:03IU3BROCWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpHP121new9588
2024-07-03 20:04:41K5VBACWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpHP1,600new9588
2024-07-03 20:03:35W4ERCWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpQRP3,364new9588
2024-07-03 14:16:42K5VBACWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpHP400new9587
2024-07-03 14:12:36W4ERCWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpQRP289new9587
2024-07-02 03:05:31W4NBSRAC DaySingle Op CWLP3,410new9579
2024-07-01 01:05:02K5VBAKRC SST Jul 1Single OpHP252new9578
2024-06-28 21:03:23K5VBAKRC SST Jun 28Single OpHP266new9577
2024-06-28 04:57:38KT4XA(NV4B,K4CNY)ARRL FD4BQRP9,380new9559
2024-06-27 04:10:23W4ERCWopsT 0300Z Jun 27Single OpQRP225new9572
2024-06-27 03:50:32K5VBACWopsT 0300Z Jun 27Single OpHP529new9572
2024-06-26 20:01:57K5VBACWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpHP841new9571
2024-06-26 19:43:48W4ERCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpQRP289new9571
2024-06-26 14:01:43K5VBACWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpHP784new9570
2024-06-26 13:48:50W4ERCWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpQRP121new9570
2024-06-26 03:03:45W4NBSARRL FD1DLP116new9559
2024-06-25 06:26:38N4EMP(K4TEP)ARRL FD1DLP160new9559
2024-06-25 03:53:17K5VBAICWC MST 0300Z Jun 25Single OpHP441new9565
2024-06-24 20:02:42K5VBAICWC MST 1900Z Jun 24Single OpHP900new9564
2024-06-24 18:44:13K5VBAICWC MST 1300Z Jun 24Single OpLP676new9563
2024-06-21 20:44:27K5VBAKRC SST Jun 21Single OpHP198new9556
2024-06-20 04:07:14K5VBACWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Single OpHP1,225new9551
2024-06-20 03:39:49W4ERCWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Single OpQRP964new9551
2024-06-19 14:02:58K5VBACWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpHP784new9549
2024-06-17 00:22:19K4ABAll Asian CWSOABHP118,263new9539
2024-06-14 20:55:04K5VBAK5VBA(@K5VBA)KRC SST Jun 14Single OpHP220new9537
2024-06-14 13:10:16NV4B/R(NV4B)ARRL June VHFLimited RoverLP99,538new9523
2024-06-13 18:57:59K5VBACWopsT 0300Z Jun 13Single OpHP729update9532
2024-06-13 03:37:35W4ERCWopsT 0300Z Jun 13Single OpQRP625new9532
2024-06-13 03:09:54W4ERCWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpLP2,650new9531
2024-06-12 19:49:49K5VBACWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpHP400new9531
2024-06-12 14:04:16K5VBACWopsT 1300Z Jun 12Single OpHP272new9530
2024-06-12 13:42:00W4ERCWopsT 1300Z Jun 12Single OpQRP529new