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2024-07-11 11:46:16K5AXCWopsT 1300Z Jul 10Single OpHP3,306new9605
2024-07-11 04:03:05N5XECWopsT 0300Z Jul 11Single OpLP4,154new9607
2024-07-11 04:02:41K1DW(@KN50)CWopsT 0300Z Jul 11Single OpLP5,589new9607
2024-07-11 04:01:29N5KDCWopsT 0300Z Jul 11Single OpHP1,849new9607
2024-07-11 04:01:01W0TGCWopsT 0300Z Jul 11Single OpLP3,233new9607
2024-07-11 03:22:34K5YZWCWopsT 0300Z Jul 11Single OpLP386new9607
2024-07-11 02:46:44K1DWCWopsT 1900Z Jul 10Single OpQRP121new9606
2024-07-10 20:01:49WA5LXSCWopsT 1900Z Jul 10Single OpHP441new9606
2024-07-10 20:01:35W0UOCWopsT 1900Z Jul 10Single OpLP13,924new9606
2024-07-10 20:01:21W0TGCWopsT 1900Z Jul 10Single OpLP3,658new9606
2024-07-10 20:00:31N5KDCWopsT 1900Z Jul 10Single OpHP18,225new9606
2024-07-10 19:37:11N5XECWopsT 1900Z Jul 10Single OpLP1,369new9606
2024-07-10 16:44:40N5XECWopsT 1300Z Jul 10Single OpLP2,704new9605
2024-07-10 14:03:20K1DW(@KN5O)CWopsT 1300Z Jul 10Single OpLP6,391new9605
2024-07-10 14:01:16W0TGCWopsT 1300Z Jul 10Single OpLP5,100new9605
2024-07-10 13:45:34W0UOCWopsT 1300Z Jul 10Single OpLP1,848new9605
2024-07-08 20:07:40W5JKICWC MST 1900Z Jul 8Single OpLP2,025new9599
2024-07-08 01:02:30WA8ZBTKRC SST Jul 8Single OpLP90new9595
2024-07-05 22:42:22WA8ZBTKRC SST Jul 5Single OpLP486new9594
2024-07-05 21:02:13KI5PGLKRC SST Jul 5Single OpLP289new9594
2024-07-05 03:03:05NM5M(@K5RT)NCCC Sprint Jul 5Single OpLP1,360new9593
2024-07-04 04:02:59K1DW(@KN5O)CWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpLP8,989new9589
2024-07-04 04:02:42WA8ZBTCWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpLP2,112new9589
2024-07-04 04:01:42K5MRCWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpLP6,636new9589
2024-07-04 04:01:19W0TGCWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpLP4,774new9589
2024-07-04 04:00:48N5XECWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpLP3,969new9589
2024-07-04 03:41:57K5YZWCWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpLP1,085new9589
2024-07-03 20:03:33K5AXCWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpHP15,875new9588
2024-07-03 20:01:45W0UOCWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpLP8,281new9588
2024-07-03 20:01:00WA5LXSCWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpHP121new9588
2024-07-03 19:59:51N5XECWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpLP2,704new9588
2024-07-03 19:57:35W0VXCWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpHP729new9588
2024-07-03 19:46:38W0TGCWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpLP1,155new9588
2024-07-03 14:13:50K1DW(@KN5O)CWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpLP7,055new9587
2024-07-03 14:07:57K5AXCWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpHP6,308new9587
2024-07-03 14:02:14N5KDCWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpHP5,621new9587
2024-07-03 14:01:35W0TGCWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpLP3,721new9587
2024-07-03 14:01:16WA5LXSCWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpHP961new9587
2024-07-03 13:52:42N5XECWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpLP2,115new9587
2024-07-02 07:49:01WA5LFDRAC DaySingle OpHP69,960new9579
2024-07-02 00:09:12WA8ZBTRAC DaySingle OpLP30,780new9579
2024-07-01 21:47:37W5JKICWC MST 1900Z Jul 1Single OpLP1,089new9581
2024-06-30 17:39:54K5ENSARRL FD1DLP248new9559
2024-06-27 04:03:10KI5PGLCWopsT 0300Z Jun 27Academy Single OpLP1,554new9572
2024-06-27 04:02:49K1DW(@KN5O)CWopsT 0300Z Jun 27Single OpLP6,048new9572
2024-06-27 04:01:52N5KDCWopsT 0300Z Jun 27Single OpHP7,744new9572
2024-06-27 04:01:40W0TGCWopsT 0300Z Jun 27Single OpLP4,800new9572
2024-06-27 03:56:21N5XECWopsT 0300Z Jun 27Single OpLP3,540new9572
2024-06-27 03:53:53K5YZWCWopsT 0300Z Jun 27Single OpLP1,720new9572
2024-06-26 20:12:37WB5NCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpHP1,890new9571
2024-06-26 20:03:16KT5CCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpHP17,689new9571
2024-06-26 20:03:00K1DW(@KN5O)CWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpLP5,852new9571
2024-06-26 20:02:45W0UOCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpLP12,210new9571
2024-06-26 20:02:41K5QRCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpLP702new9571
2024-06-26 20:02:35K5MRCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpLP4,092new9571
2024-06-26 20:02:08N5XECWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpLP3,528new9571
2024-06-26 20:01:23W0TGCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpLP3,172new9571
2024-06-26 14:05:09K5AXCWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpHP11,544new9570
2024-06-26 14:03:55K1DWCWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpLP9,292new9570
2024-06-26 14:02:29W0VXCWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpHP1,596new9570
2024-06-26 14:02:11N5KDCWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpHP11,235new9570
2024-06-26 14:01:38W0TGCWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpLP2,115new9570
2024-06-26 14:01:11W0UOCWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpLP15,876new9570
2024-06-24 20:01:33WA5LXSICWC MST 1900Z Jun 24Single OpLP420new9564
2024-06-24 01:03:27WA8ZBTKRC SST Jun 24Single OpLP204new9557
2024-06-21 03:03:47NM5M(@K5RT)NCCC Sprint Jun 21Single OpLP1,591new9555
2024-06-20 04:03:44K1DW(@KN5O)CWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Single OpLP7,371new9551
2024-06-20 04:03:18KI5PGLCWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Academy Single OpLP2,300new9551
2024-06-20 03:52:49W0TGCWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Single OpLP2,500new9551
2024-06-20 03:46:45K5YZWCWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Single OpLP1,024new9551
2024-06-20 03:44:00N5XECWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Single OpLP2,600new9551
2024-06-20 03:36:59N5KDCWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Single OpHP2,916new9551
2024-06-20 03:33:33KT5CCWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Single OpHP4,900new9551
2024-06-19 20:14:58WA5LXSCWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpHP1,521new9550
2024-06-19 20:04:15K5AXCWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpHP6,162new9550
2024-06-19 20:04:01K1DW(@KN5O)CWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpLP6,314new9550
2024-06-19 20:03:03KG5OACWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpQRP676new9550
2024-06-19 20:02:29KI5PGLCWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Academy Single OpLP1,024new9550
2024-06-19 20:02:17KT5CCWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpHP7,744new9550
2024-06-19 20:01:34N5KDCWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpHP8,649new9550
2024-06-19 20:01:15W0TGCWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpLP3,843new9550
2024-06-19 19:46:34N5XECWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpLP1,600new9550
2024-06-19 14:04:47K5AXCWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpHP8,554new9549
2024-06-19 14:02:52K1DW(@KN5O)CWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpLP7,110new9549
2024-06-19 14:02:29N5KDCWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpHP4,950new9549
2024-06-19 14:02:22W0TGCWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpLP3,304new9549
2024-06-19 14:01:46WA5LXSCWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpHP400new9549
2024-06-19 13:47:44N5XECWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpLP2,550new9549
2024-06-19 13:13:34KT5CCWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpHP625new9549
2024-06-18 04:12:58K1DW(@KN5O)ICWC MST 0300Z Jun 18Single OpLP1,320new9545
2024-06-17 20:00:35WA5LXSICWC MST 1900Z Jun 17Single OpHP992new9544
2024-06-16 03:55:15WA8ZBTWVQPSingle OpLP616new9542
2024-06-15 23:20:29WA5LXSWVQPSingle OpHP124new9542
2024-06-13 04:02:33N5KDCWopsT 0300Z Jun 13Single OpHP6,724new9532
2024-06-13 03:49:36K5YZWCWopsT 0300Z Jun 13Single OpLP990new9532
2024-06-13 03:37:54W0TGCWopsT 0300Z Jun 13Single OpLP1,190new9532
2024-06-12 20:05:35KG5OACWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpLP6,004new9531
2024-06-12 20:04:27W0UOCWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpLP9,800new9531
2024-06-12 20:02:25K5YZWCWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpLP81new9531
2024-06-12 20:02:20KT5CCWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpHP5,767new9531
2024-06-12 20:02:10N5KDCWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpHP17,280new9531
2024-06-12 20:01:54W0TGCWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpLP2,744new9531
2024-06-12 20:00:46W0VXCWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpHP2,805new9531
2024-06-12 14:06:15K5AXCWopsT 1300Z Jun 12Single OpHP8,648new9530
2024-06-12 14:03:30KT5CCWopsT 1300Z Jun 12Single OpHP15,125new9530
2024-06-12 14:01:58W0UOCWopsT 1300Z Jun 12Single OpLP9,025new9530
2024-06-12 14:01:54N5KDCWopsT 1300Z Jun 12Single OpHP8,836new9530
2024-06-12 14:01:28W0TGCWopsT 1300Z Jun 12Single OpLP3,894new9530
2024-06-12 14:01:14WA5LXSCWopsT 1300Z Jun 12Single OpHP576new9530
2024-06-12 01:41:05K5QE(KJ5BLU,KF5LKG,K5MQ,WM5Q,KN5O,KV5W,AF8Z,N5KDA,N5YA,NV5E)ARRL June VHFLimited Multi-OpHP234,320new