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Club Activity Tracker - Redwood Empire DX Assoc (from list of calls managed by K6JS)

Recent postings for the selected club or group are listed below. Other than the call used, all calls listed are only those associated with the club or group. Click on a call to see the details of the posting.
Status Key: new=new posting, update=update prior posting, move=change club/group, delete=delete prior posting.

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2022-01-17 01:04:33W6DRARRL Jan VHFSingle OpHP594new7013
2022-01-16 16:56:50N6YEUNAQP CWSingle OpLP9,375new7014
2022-01-16 15:33:21K6JSNAQP CWSingle Op AssistedLP2,992new7014
2022-01-16 14:41:07K6RIMNAQP CWSingle Op AssistedLP92,120update7014
2022-01-16 07:52:10WQ6K(@N6IE)NAQP CWSingle Op AssistedLP2,610new7014
2022-01-16 07:29:46N6IENAQP CWSingle Op AssistedLP3,080new7014
2022-01-16 06:34:02N6ZFONAQP CWSingle OpLP83,476new7014
2022-01-16 06:12:18N6TQNAQP CWSingle OpLP18,706new7014
2022-01-16 06:09:09W6XUNAQP CWSingle OpLP16,401new7014
2022-01-16 04:35:08K6SRZNAQP CWSingle OpLP135,275new7014
2022-01-16 01:52:00K6MMNAQP CWSingle Op AssistedLP60,564new7014
2022-01-15 22:41:28K6CTANAQP CWSingle OpLP1,120new7014
2022-01-10 19:11:23K6JSRTTY RoundupSO(A) RTTYQRP7,448new6996
2022-01-10 07:50:50N6ZFORTTY RoundupSO RTTYHP34,639new6996
2022-01-10 06:05:40K6SRZRTTY RoundupSO RTTYHP17,136new6996
2022-01-10 04:41:12W6DRRTTY RoundupM/SHP135,309new6996
2022-01-10 02:42:24K6ELERTTY RoundupSO RTTYHP9,990new6996
2022-01-10 01:20:51K6MMRTTY RoundupSO(A) MixedHP38,228new6996
2022-01-10 00:11:21N6IERTTY RoundupSO(A) RTTYHP171,717new6996
2022-01-09 23:04:13K6RIMRTTY RoundupSO(A) RTTYHP32,873new6996
2022-01-09 17:44:55K6CTARTTY RoundupSO RTTYLP1,749new6996
2022-01-06 03:30:40N4CWZCWopsTSingle OpLP1,444new6991
2021-12-20 19:15:21N3RCTBDCSingle OpLP258new