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Club Activity Tracker - Mad River Radio Club (from club selection on form)

Recent postings for the selected club or group are listed below. Other than the call used, all calls listed are only those associated with the club or group. Click on a call to see the details of the posting.
Status Key: new=new posting, update=update prior posting, move=change club/group, delete=delete prior posting.

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2024-07-12 03:07:34KW8NNCCC Sprint Jul 12Single OpLP2,646new9611
2024-07-12 03:06:44N8EANCCC Sprint Jul 12Single OpLP2,067new9611
2024-07-12 03:03:56K8MRNCCC Sprint Jul 12Single OpLP2,288new9611
2024-07-12 03:02:46NA8VNCCC Sprint Jul 12Single OpLP2,420new9611
2024-07-12 03:01:35NF8MNCCC Sprint Jul 12Single OpLP720new9611
2024-07-11 04:03:12K8MRCWopsT 0300Z Jul 11Single OpLP2,968new9607
2024-07-11 04:03:06NA8VCWopsT 0300Z Jul 11Single OpHP20,881new9607
2024-07-11 03:29:17NF8MCWopsT 0300Z Jul 11Single OpLP1,024new9607
2024-07-10 20:25:24NA8VCWopsT 1900Z Jul 10Single OpHP4,095new9606
2024-07-10 20:01:41N8FYLCWopsT 1900Z Jul 10Single OpLP2,304new9606
2024-07-10 19:53:02NF8MCWopsT 1900Z Jul 10Single OpLP1,520new9606
2024-07-10 13:49:54K8MRCWopsT 1300Z Jul 10Single OpLP4,489new9605
2024-07-10 13:35:37NF8MCWopsT 1300Z Jul 10Single OpLP1,600new9605
2024-07-10 03:10:00KW8NPhWklyTest Jul 10Single OpLP900new9603
2024-07-09 03:44:41KW8NWWSAC Jul 9SOAB-OMHP15,811new9602
2024-07-05 03:06:28KW8NNCCC Sprint Jul 5Single OpLP1,911new9593
2024-07-05 03:06:03N8EANCCC Sprint Jul 5Single OpLP2,438new9593
2024-07-05 03:04:06NA8VNCCC Sprint Jul 5Single OpLP2,800new9593
2024-07-04 04:10:13K9NWCWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpLP3,240new9589
2024-07-04 04:03:53NA8VCWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpHP20,511new9589
2024-07-04 03:36:07NF8MCWopsT 0300Z Jul 4Single OpLP1,024new9589
2024-07-03 20:02:51NA8VCWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpHP18,189new9588
2024-07-03 20:01:35N8FYLCWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpLP2,808new9588
2024-07-03 19:31:52W8EWHCWopsT 1900Z Jul 3Single OpLP1,369new9588
2024-07-03 14:36:34N8EACWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpLP9,898new9587
2024-07-03 13:43:54W8EWHCWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpLP2,450new9587
2024-07-03 13:31:01NF8MCWopsT 1300Z Jul 3Single OpLP400new9587
2024-07-03 03:05:45KW8NPhWklyTest Jul 3Single OpLP525new9585
2024-07-02 05:13:22K8GTRAC DaySingle Op AssistedLP3,672new9579
2024-07-02 02:47:35NF8MRAC DaySingle Op CWLP3,146new9579
2024-06-28 03:20:14KW8NNCCC Sprint Jun 28Single OpLP1,968new9576
2024-06-28 03:06:48N8EANCCC Sprint Jun 28Single OpLP2,050new9576
2024-06-28 03:03:31K8MRNCCC Sprint Jun 28Single OpLP1,710new9576
2024-06-28 03:02:35NA8VNCCC Sprint Jun 28Single OpLP1,927new9576
2024-06-27 04:03:15NA8VCWopsT 0300Z Jun 27Single OpHP18,750new9572
2024-06-27 03:51:54NF8MCWopsT 0300Z Jun 27Single OpLP2,500new9572
2024-06-26 23:30:50NF8MCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpLP225new9571
2024-06-26 20:02:42NA8VCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpHP7,917new9571
2024-06-26 20:01:59N8FYLCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpLP3,363new9571
2024-06-26 19:21:17W8EWHCWopsT 1900Z Jun 26Single OpLP225new9571
2024-06-26 14:08:48N8EACWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpLP7,650new9570
2024-06-26 13:51:37W8EWHCWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpLP3,300new9570
2024-06-26 13:34:35NF8MCWopsT 1300Z Jun 26Single OpLP1,600new9570
2024-06-26 03:23:06KW8NPhWklyTest Jun 26Single OpLP567update9568
2024-06-25 22:38:48K8RYUARRL FD1BLP3,802new9559
2024-06-25 13:47:08KW8NWWSAC Jun 25SOAB-OMHP7,668new9567
2024-06-25 03:15:12KW8NARRL FD1BLP5,920new9559
2024-06-24 14:52:56K1LTARRL FD1BLP4,842new9559
2024-06-23 19:46:17K8MRARRL FD1DLP1,580new9559
2024-06-23 18:25:18N8VVARRL FD1DLP2,204new9559
2024-06-21 03:05:57N8EANCCC Sprint Jun 21Single OpLP2,397new9555
2024-06-21 03:03:00K8MRNCCC Sprint Jun 21Single OpLP1,840new9555
2024-06-21 03:02:50NA8VNCCC Sprint Jun 21Single OpLP2,438new9555
2024-06-21 02:42:33NF8MNCCC Sprint Jun 21Single OpLP16new9555
2024-06-20 04:06:32NA8VCWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Single OpHP8,787new9551
2024-06-20 03:43:22NF8MCWopsT 0300Z Jun 20Single OpLP1,225new9551
2024-06-19 20:07:33N8FYLCWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpLP3,180new9550
2024-06-19 20:02:53NA8VCWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpHP13,447new9550
2024-06-19 20:01:45K8MRCWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpLP4,416new9550
2024-06-19 20:01:30NF8MCWopsT 1900Z Jun 19Single OpLP3,534new9550
2024-06-19 14:03:18N8EACWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpLP5,700new9549
2024-06-19 14:00:13NF8MCWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpLP3,025new9549
2024-06-19 13:58:18K8MRCWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpLP5,928new9549
2024-06-19 13:47:21W8EWHCWopsT 1300Z Jun 19Single OpLP2,500new9549
2024-06-19 03:13:03KW8NPhWklyTest Jun 19Single OpLP962new9547
2024-06-16 20:24:18W8EWHWVQPSingle OpLP140new9542
2024-06-16 17:33:01NF8MTBDC SummerSingle OpLP44new9541
2024-06-16 16:25:14NA8VTBDC SummerSingle OpHP305new9541
2024-06-16 15:09:45K1LTTBDC SummerSingle OpLP345new9541
2024-06-16 13:44:27K8MRWVQPSingle OpLP560new9542
2024-06-14 03:14:30KW8NNCCC Sprint Jun 14Single OpLP2,744new9536
2024-06-14 03:02:50K8MRNCCC Sprint Jun 14Single OpLP1,872new9536
2024-06-14 03:01:06NF8MNCCC Sprint Jun 14Single OpLP754new9536
2024-06-13 04:02:57NA8VCWopsT 0300Z Jun 13Single OpHP26,878new9532
2024-06-13 03:44:44NF8MCWopsT 0300Z Jun 13Single OpLP1,600new9532
2024-06-12 20:01:36N8FYLCWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpLP1,764new9531
2024-06-12 20:01:23NF8MCWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpLP2,160new9531
2024-06-12 19:22:04W8EWHCWopsT 1900Z Jun 12Single OpLP400new9531
2024-06-12 14:00:40W8EWHCWopsT 1300Z Jun 12Single OpLP5,244new9530
2024-06-12 13:38:06NF8MCWopsT 1300Z Jun 12Single OpLP1,024new9530
2024-06-12 03:05:32KW8NPhWklyTest Jun 12Single OpLP952new