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Club Activity Tracker - Long Island CW Club (from club selection on form)

Recent postings for the selected club or group are listed below. Other than the call used, all calls listed are only those associated with the club or group. Click on a call to see the details of the posting.
Status Key: new=new posting, update=update prior posting, move=change club/group, delete=delete prior posting.

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2024-05-24 21:07:18AB5TNKRC SST May 24Single OpLP49new9478
2024-05-24 20:51:15W4VIGKRC SST May 24Single OpLP20new9478
2024-05-22 20:02:22KN4RDCWopsT 1900Z May 22Single OpLP625new9472
2024-05-20 20:05:49WA8HOIICWC MST 1900Z May 20Single OpLP676new9466
2024-05-20 14:02:32WA8HOIICWC MST 1300Z May 20Single OpLP598new9465
2024-05-20 01:12:30W7JNMKRC SST May 20Single OpLP9new9459
2024-05-20 01:11:27AG6CKKRC SST May 20Single OpLP100new9459
2024-05-20 01:02:30WA8HOIKRC SST May 20Single OpLP580new9459
2024-05-20 00:56:47KN4SYOKRC SST May 20Single OpLP90new9459
2024-05-20 00:44:05W7DLRKRC SST May 20Single OpLP80new9459
2024-05-20 00:34:48KQ4LEOKRC SST May 20Single OpLP90new9459
2024-05-17 21:03:12AB5TNKRC SST May 17Single OpLP204new9458
2024-05-17 20:58:24KN4SYOKRC SST May 17Single OpLP9new9458
2024-05-17 20:43:19W7JNMKRC SST May 17Single OpLP36new9458
2024-05-15 20:01:16KN4RDCWopsT 1900Z May 15Single OpLP289new9452
2024-05-14 04:44:46WB9RCEFlQPSOABCWLP1new9397
2024-05-14 04:38:04WB9RCEICWC MST 0300Z May 14Single OpLP9new9447
2024-05-14 04:02:29NF6RICWC MST 0300Z May 14Single OpLP63new9447
2024-05-14 04:01:23KN4RDICWC MST 0300Z May 14Single OpLP361new9447
2024-05-13 21:42:19N1RBDCWopsT 0300Z May 9Single OpLP100new9434
2024-05-13 21:42:04N1RBDCWopsT 1900Z May 8Single OpLP100new9433
2024-05-13 21:41:52N1RBDCWopsT 1300Z May 8Single OpLP100new9432
2024-05-13 19:53:15WA8HOIICWC MST 1900Z May 13Single OpLP361new9446
2024-05-13 14:02:32WA8HOIICWC MST 1300Z May 13Single OpLP484new9445
2024-05-13 01:11:05KN4RDKRC SST May 13Single OpLP187update9440
2024-05-13 01:02:55WA8HOIKRC SST May 13Single OpLP522new9440
2024-05-13 00:59:50KN4SYOKRC SST May 13Single OpLP90new9440
2024-05-13 00:59:39W7JNMKRC SST May 13Single OpLP56new9440
2024-05-10 21:03:24KN4SYOKRC SST May 10Single OpLP9new9439
2024-05-10 21:01:07W4VIGKRC SST May 10Single OpLP77new9439
2024-05-07 03:27:26KG7YUICWC MST 0300Z May 7Single OpLP240new9428
2024-05-06 20:06:45WA8HOIICWC MST 1900Z May 6Single OpLP648new9427
2024-05-06 15:53:08N1RBDCWopsT 0300Z May 2Single OpLP100new9413
2024-05-06 15:52:44N1RBDCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpLP100new9412
2024-05-06 14:02:52WA8HOIICWC MST 1300Z May 6Single OpLP414new9426
2024-05-06 06:15:09W7JNMKRC SST May 6Single OpLP25new9419
2024-05-06 01:20:16KE7UAEKRC SST May 6Single OpLP49new9419
2024-05-06 01:03:12KF0OKYKRC SST May 6Single OpLP81new9419
2024-05-06 01:02:20VA3KRJKRC SST May 6Single OpLP740new9419
2024-05-06 01:02:14KN4RDKRC SST May 6Single OpLP700new9419
2024-05-06 00:57:08W7DLRKRC SST May 6Single OpLP224new9419
2024-05-06 00:45:54KG7YUKRC SST May 6Single OpLP792new9419
2024-05-03 21:02:39WA8HOIKRC SST May 3Single OpLP456new9418
2024-05-03 20:51:13KN4SYOKRC SST May 3Single OpLP100new9418
2024-05-02 04:06:21KN4RDCWopsT 0300Z May 2Single OpLP1,156new9413
2024-05-01 23:18:48KE7UAECWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpLP9new9412
2024-05-01 20:01:33KN4RDCWopsT 1900Z May 1Single OpLP1,225new9412
2024-04-30 03:49:02KN4RDICWC MST 0300Z Apr 30Single OpLP625new9405
2024-04-29 20:03:40WA8HOIICWC MST 1900Z Apr 29Single OpLP484new9404
2024-04-29 14:02:58WA8HOIICWC MST 1300Z Apr 29Single OpLP575new9403
2024-04-29 01:17:03KE7UAEKRC SST Apr 29Single OpLP110new9393
2024-04-29 01:02:49WA8HOIKRC SST Apr 29Single OpLP750new9393
2024-04-29 01:01:55KN4RDKRC SST Apr 29Single OpLP864new9393
2024-04-29 01:00:23W7DLRKRC SST Apr 29Single OpLP180new9393
2024-04-29 00:55:22KN4SYOKRC SST Apr 29Single OpLP143new9393
2024-04-29 00:49:34W7JNMKRC SST Apr 29Single OpLP49new9393
2024-04-28 15:07:37KE9VKRC SST Apr 26Single OpQRP1new9392
2024-04-26 23:44:44W4VIGKRC SST Apr 26Single OpLP80new9392
2024-04-26 21:23:05WA8HOIKRC SST Apr 26Single OpLP540new9392
2024-04-26 21:02:37KN4RDKRC SST Apr 26Single OpLP320new9392
2024-04-26 20:57:06W7JNMKRC SST Apr 26Single OpLP132new9392
2024-04-26 20:32:43KN4SYOKRC SST Apr 26Single OpLP49new9392
2024-04-25 07:35:00G8RWGCWopsT 0700Z Apr 25Single OpLP100new9387
2024-04-25 04:03:18KN4RDCWopsT 0300Z Apr 25Single OpLP1,681new