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Club Activity Tracker - Redwood Empire DX Assoc (from list of calls managed by K6JS)

Recent postings for the selected club or group are listed below. Other than the call used, all calls listed are only those associated with the club or group. Click on a call to see the details of the posting.
Status Key: new=new posting, update=update prior posting, move=change club/group, delete=delete prior posting.

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2023-01-22 19:05:37K6MMNAQP SSBSingle Op AssistedLP26,208new8072
2023-01-22 17:32:18N6YEUNAQP SSBSingle OpLP36,520new8072
2023-01-22 17:15:57K6ELENAQP SSBSingle OpLP6,900new8072
2023-01-22 06:11:07N6ZFONAQP SSBSingle Op AssistedLP150,147new8072
2023-01-20 03:09:48N6ZFONCCC SprintSingle OpLP1,496new8064
2023-01-16 20:11:34K6CTANAQP CWSingle Op AssistedLP1,518new8055
2023-01-16 07:52:00K6MMNAQP CWSingle Op AssistedLP50,677new8055
2023-01-15 16:20:24N6YEUNAQP CWSingle OpLP3,612new8055
2023-01-15 06:44:18N3RCNAQP CWSingle OpLP30,444new8055
2023-01-15 06:15:43N6ZFONAQP CWSingle Op AssistedLP200,448new8055
2023-01-15 03:26:25K6RIMNAQP CWSingle Op AssistedLP43,250new8055
2023-01-13 08:53:34N6ZFONCCC SprintSingle OpLP1,107new8046
2023-01-09 05:01:25K6CTARTTY RoundupSO UnlimitedLP2,160new8032
2023-01-09 03:59:18N6ZFORTTY RoundupSO UnlimitedHP80,444new8032
2023-01-09 01:06:53K6SRZRTTY RoundupSingle OpHP32,844new8032
2023-01-09 01:04:42N6IERTTY RoundupSO UnlimitedHP78,234new8032
2023-01-09 00:15:14N3RCRTTY RoundupSingle OpHP47,056new8032
2023-01-08 23:43:24K6ELERTTY RoundupSingle OpHP11,033new8032
2023-01-08 20:49:41K6MMRTTY RoundupSO UnlimitedHP21,105new8032
2023-01-08 19:17:41N6ZFONCCC SprintSingle OpLP624new8029
2022-12-30 04:38:53N6ZFONCCC SprintSingle OpLP1,064new8013
2022-12-28 07:28:40K6MMTBDCSingle OpHP82new7978
2022-12-28 07:27:06K6MMRAC WinterSingle Op AssistedHP2,100new